The Re-Homing Decision: Can you try a little longer for his sake?
Dogs Forever advocates keeping a dog for life. Millions of dogs die each year in the United States; thousands of these dogs die in Iowa shelters.

If you are willing to work through the crisis that has caused you to think about giving up your dog, we will help. We have volunteers knowledgeable in many dog behavior and health issues; any of the bad things you are experiencing we, as dog owners, have also experienced Because our goal is to keep dogs and families together, we are happy to share our wisdom and/or refer you to professionals who have the expertise to advise you as well. Just send us an e-mail at and explain the situation. Attach a dog photo and include your phone number.

Re-Homing Your Best Friend
If, on the other hand, you have already reached the decision to give up your dog, we will post your dog’s information for free on three web sites:, and On rare occasions—such as the death or declining health of a dog’s owner—we will take the dog into our care. But due to the fact that we focus our efforts on rescuing the dogs that are at risk at kill shelters, accepting dogs relinquished by owners is not something that happens often.

The three web sites noted above have thousands of visitors each week, which provides exposure for your dog. If you would like Dogs Forever to post your dog on the Internet, the first step is to download and complete the form listed here:

Dog Information Form

Dog Information Form
Once you’ve filled out the form, save it to your computer and return it to us as an attachment, e-mailed to; put “Re-Home” in the subject line. Also attach one or two photos. We will contact you within a few days if we have questions. If we feel your information is complete, we will have your dog on the three websites within three or four days. We will give your name and phone as the person to contact if someone wants more information on your dog.

Dogs Forever is an all-volunteer organization. We are also one of the few Adoption Guarantee (no-kill) shelters in Iowa. Because of this, we are overwhelmed with calls and e-mails asking us to help dogs.

If you are asking for help to re-home your dog, the first step is to complete the form, which you can download above. We will not return a phone message from an owner regarding their dog unless we have also received the completed form. If you do not have a computer or have a computer but no e-mail, go to the public library; they have computers and reference librarians to assist you. Once we receive the form, we will check to be sure your dog is spayed/neutered and current on vaccines. Once this is confirmed, your dog will be posted on the three web sites listed above. “IF” we are able to take the dog into our care, we will notify you by either e-mail or phone call within 48 hours. If yo do not hear from us, we are not able to take your dog.