Dogs Forever Background

Dogs Forever is a great organization, run entirely by volunteers. We are passionate about our dogs and work tirelessly to take great care of them, and also to make sure their next home is their forever home. When we take a dog in, we take care of them as long as is necessary to find them the right match in terms of  family and environment. Recently we adopted out Daisy, who was in our care for over 2 years. She had some substantial medical issues and her placement was more challenging because of the complications from her condition. She was a favorite by all at the shelter, and is thriving in her new home, well loved by her family!

Dogs Forever was founded by Mike and Nancy Crist, who have a passion and mission for helping dogs  who need it the most. At Dogs Forever we need your support so we can:

  • Find homes for great dogs.
  • Raise enough money to cover the expenses for the shelter (vet care, food, rent and electric  bills).
  • Grow our programs and events and expand our role in the pet rescue community.

Please consider volunteering or donating today so that we can continue the great work we do to find forever homes for some of the Corridor’s most forgotten friends.