Proud Participant Shelter Animals Count

Because DOGS FOREVER is committed to transparency, we track the health and adoption status of every dog in our care using the nationally recognized Asilomar Standard as collected by Shelter Animal Counts.

The standard “Save Rate” measurement* is the percentage of dogs that leave a shelter alive through adoption, return-to-owner or transfer.

Our overall “Save Rate” is 96.7%

*Save Rate = (Intake – Euthanasia Outcomes) divided by Intake

Because DOGS FOREVER’s Safe Place is an Adoption Guarantee Shelter, dogs remain in our care as long as necessary and are never euthanized for space reasons.  Nor do we transfer dogs to other non-profit or municipal shelters.  Conversely, we often accept hard-to-place dogs for which time and/or resources have run out at their original shelters.

We feel that our commitment to each of our dogs, for the long haul, makes our “Save Rate” particularly impressive.

Needless to say, we could not achieve our live-saving mission without the commitment of our dedicated volunteers and the support of our donors.