Seniors for Seniors

Because puppies and young adult dogs often catch the eye of potential adopters, many senior dogs end up in shelters like ours.

But we believe that homeless dogs in their twilight years actually have much to offer in the way of affection, loyalty and friendship.

Older dogs are less demanding and easy to manage which makes them a good match for their human counterpart: Senior citizens!

Since August 2011, Dogs Forever has offered a “Seniors for Seniors” program to bring compassion and companionship to two special populations: senior dogs (7+ years) and senior people (65+ years) and older living in their own home.

Although senior folks often long for the joy a wagging tail can bring, they are sadly sometimes not able to afford a dog due to limited income. Additionally, they are naturally concerned about what would happen to their best friend in the event of their own illness or death.

Recognizing the many positive benefits a companion dog can bring to a senior person’s life, Dogs Forever works to remove these barriers in the following ways:

    • We solicit individuals and companies to sponsor a senior dog for $150. This enables us to provide basic veterinary care for the dog while waiving the adoption fee. There is no fee charged to the person adopting the dog.
    • If an adopter cannot drive to the vet (due to lack of driver’s license, or car, or other reason) a Dogs Forever volunteer will transport their dog to/from the vet’s office.
    • If an adopter is unable to afford food for their dog, Dogs Forever will provide it.
    • If an adopter cannot afford veterinary care, they will be encouraged to apply to Dogs Forever for assistance.  If the vet care is deemed both necessary and in the dog’s best interest, we will solicit funds to help offset the expense.
    • In the event of an adopter’s illness or hospitalization, we will evaluate their situation and, if necessary, will do whatever we can to find another home for their senior dog.