Kathy’s Pies Fundraiser


SALES DATES:9/01-10/08  PICK UP DATE: 11/01 FROM 4:0O P.M.-6:00 P.M.

Eat pie and support our pups. This fundraiser, in partnership with Kathy’s Pies is one tasty way to donate to Dogs Forever. Order your pies between 9/01 & 10/08. Pies will be ready for pick up on 11/01 from 4:00p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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See Kathys Pies Pie Varieties here


Can buyers order pies now and pay later?

No, they must prepay (either with cash or personal check) because we must prepay Kathy’s Pies.

When must my completed order form(s) be dropped off?

Order forms(s) must be received at the shelter by noon on Monday, October 8.

When must pies be picked up?

Pies must be picked up from 4-6pm on Thursday, November 1 from Kathy’s Pies’ warehouse.

Can buyers pick up their own pie(s) on pick-up eve (November 1)?

Yes, please mark P=Picked up (instead of D=Delivered) on the order sheet for those buyers.

Where should pies be picked up?

All of the pies will be available through the back (north) entrance of Kathy’s Pies,

616 5th Ave SE.  Please do NOT attempt to pick up pies from Kathy’s front store entrance.

Helpful signage will be posted on pick-up eve.

How will I remember which pies my buyers ordered?

Make a copy of your completed order form before you hand it in. Bring your copy with you on pick-up eve (November 1).

What if I need another order form?

Either make a copy the original blank order form before you start filling it in. Else download a  printable order form from our dogsforever.org website.  If you fill multiple order forms, please fill in the upper right-hand corner (e.g. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3).

What if I need another Kathy’s Pies brochure?

Please check at the shelter for additional brochures.  If there are none available, download a  printable order form from our dogsforever.org website.

What will happen to pies that aren’t picked up by 6pm on November 1?

Unless prior arrangements have been made with Joyce (to have pies at the shelter after 6:30pm) all pies not picked up at Kathy’s Pies by 6pm will be considered non-monetary “donations”.

What if a supporter wishes to add a donation onto their payment?

Donors who itemize may deduct their entire donation, but not the purchase price of their pies, as a charitable contribution. Dogs Forever must pay state sales tax on pie sale proceeds. Therefore, to simplify tax reporting, please keep donations separate from payments.

How big are the pies?

Kathy makes 9” pies (in disposable tins) exclusively for charitable fundraising drives like ours.

Can Kathy’s Pies be frozen and re-heated?  

If a buyer does not pick up their own pies and the seller is unable to deliver pies for 2-3 days, the pies can be frozen and reheated later. Freezing/reheating instructions are printed on the box. Note: pumpkin pies have an egg-based filling and should not be left at room temp for more than a couple hours. Pumpkin pies can be frozen but the texture of the filling might be altered upon thawing however the taste itself should not be affected by freezing/reheating.

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