Kennedy HS Grads Give Jan. 3 Show to Help Dogs Forever

Good Laughs Group

Members of Good Laughs Give Back, left to right: Tanner David Boyle, Andrew Hanzelka, Lucas Gibbs, Henna McCoy, Michael Castelluccio (lights and sound), Shane Nielsen and Jackson Green.

Six college students who became friends while attending Kennedy High School are reuniting over Christmas break to raise funds for Dogs Forever. The friends, performing under the name Good Laughs Give Back, will present a comedy show at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, January 3, in the Whipple Auditorium at the Cedar Rapids Public Library’s downtown location.

This will be the second charity performance of the group, whose members are Tanner David Boyle, Lucas Gibbs, Jackson Green, Andrew Hanzelka, Henna McCoy and Shane Nielsen. Although the friends went their separate ways after graduating from Kennedy, they decided to keep in touch, put on shows and raise money for worthy causes. Michael Castelluccio, also a Kennedy graduate, handles lights and sound for the group’s performances.

Over the summer, Good Laughs Give Back held its first show, which raised $1,403 for the Cedar Rapids Public Schools.  “The show was a resounding success, the audience turnout was fantastic, and we had a blast producing it,” said Andrew.

Tickets to the January 3 show are a minimum $5 donation each. To reserve your seat, call 319-535-3542. Profits from refreshments sold at intermission will also go to Dogs Forever Safe Place.

A huge thanks to these passionate young people for donating their time to help our homeless dogs!

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